Written By Aubrey Whymark 2007-2017


Well, seeing as others were sharing their collection photos I thought I would add this batch of Australites. I acquired these around about the end of 2007 I think - Christmas came early. It was a collection of about half a kilo. Some of the best specimens had already been cherry-picked out, so these aren't representative collections, but nice nonetheless. These were bought by a third party from a shop in Perth, WA and then exported to me in the Philippines.

From Kalgoorlie East, Western Australia

This was a pleasant and reasonably well preserved batch of Australites.


Morphology varies over considerable distance, but sculpture can vary even on a local scale. Sculpture is related to the unique geological history and environment of deposition of the specimen. Some are more abraded, others more etched with variability related to water pH and mineralogy and permaebility, seasonality of the water in the host sediment.

From Laverton, Western Australia

Wow! Some of these cores are top notch. The big nice one (second top row) is about 20g. I love this tektite!

From Gold Fields, Western Australia

Nothing really exciting in this batch, just your typical Australites. 

From Gascoyne, Western Australia

These tektites are a curious bunch. The preservation is quite different, very smoothed. I wonder if these were collected from a graded road and have been run over a few times as some have marks. Graded (gravel) roads are great places to look for tektites - let someone else dig them out for you! Some of the cores, including conical cores, are great, despite being quite abraded.

Where to find tektites

Firstly you need host soils or rocks of the correct age. Tektites have commonly been concentrated in gravels in low lying areas like river gravels and lakes. Secondly you need natural erosion or human activity such as mining, road building or construction to expose the tektites.

From Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

A single lonely abraded core!
I hope you enjoyed seeing these collections. It is amazing how the size and preservation varies from locality to locality. These aren't representative collections, but they give some idea about variability I think. Very soon I am getting 2 kilos of tektites from a Western Australian locality. I'll post some more images of these on a new page soon!