Tektite References

Written By Aubrey Whymark 2018
Next time somebody mentions that tektites are mysterious don't say anything, just print out this reference list and drop it on their desk. By my count there are 4,034 relevant references on the subject. That's a 188 A4 page list of references when using a small font size 8, about 300 pages otherwise. Let's say that on average each article is 10 pages long (some are just 1 page and others hundreds of pages - not calculated the average), but let's say an average of 10 pages in length then if you printed these out you'd be looking at a 4 meter tall stack of paper (80 reams of 500 sheets). Without doubt there are still things to be discovered, not least the source crater for the Australasian impact, but it is clear that tektites are amongst the most studied of all rocks and there is currently a high level of understanding.

Tektites - One of the most researched rocks!

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With around 4,034 directly relevant papers, tektites have been thoroughly researched over the years.
Many of the papers are free to download and there is a link to the paper. Unfortunately this list was started many years ago so some of the links may be irrelevant now (I apologise, but I simply do not have the time to go through everything). If you copy the paper title (and maybe add 'PDF' to the end) in a Google Search you will find many. ResearchGate is an excellent resource to find many academic papers. The NASA Astrophysics Data System is also an excellent resource for finding papers. Australian sources also offer many free articles. I am not university based so I've always struggled to get scientific information at an affordable price. It's there though if you look. Look thoroughly online for free copies, go to geological libraries and photocopy or request copies, ask friends (especially those in academia), ask the author as a last resort (appreciate that the author may be busy though). Sometimes you have to pay and I have no objection when it is going to an author who has funded their own research or put in their own time. I just dislike paying a private company up to $50 per A4 page, which does not go to the author or the government / institution who sponsored the research. I am a big believer that to advance science and humanity it is essential to share data, hence this website. I will, however, always respect copyright law and hence I cannot share many of the papers here.

Find papers online!

Below are links to the online version of this reference list. It's far easier to download the excel or pdf version, but at least here it is searchable. As an extra I have included a list of potentially useful references for the Australasian Tektite source crater location and interpretation (these are not on the main tektite reference list). 
These days there are so many papers freely available online. Even if you can't find everything, you can make a good road into your research by simply using a search engine!
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